Virgil van Dijk must play in clash against Chelsea, says Jurgen Klopp

September 29, 2018

Virgil van Dijk will have to play against Chelsea even if he is not fully recovered. According to recent reports seen on Dailysportspro, Virgil is still recovering from a rib injury. Liverpool will travel to play away against Chelsea, who sit first on the table so far.


What happened?

Virgil Van Dijk has a rib injury in his last match against Southampton , but Jurgen Klopp stated before this highly anticipated clash: “Virgil will try everything to be ready. Liverpool manager said in his last interview regarding this matter:

“Virgil will try everything to be ready. I know how it sounds but as long as you are not seriously injured, like broken or ruptured or a proper strain, then the boys play constantly with pain. And if you have no pain before the game, then you will have it after the first challenge. That is how football is. ”

Source: PA Wire

He will have to pass the fitness test before he can play at Stamford Bridge. Klopp was saying indirectly ( or directly? ) in his interview that he will probably play him against Chelsea. This probably isnt the right move, but that is football. Without risk, there is no gain. So Klopp will gamble with Van Dijk’s rib injury and place him among the first 11, today at 6:40pm.


Source: PA wire

Who will make the final decision?

Liverpool manager Klopp also added: “I will decide, if the player goes out and says, ‘No chance’ then I cannot decide, but in all other situations I will decide.” This means that Virgil will have to endure the pain, if he wants to help his teammates, however it may lead to injury extension. It looks like Klopp believes its not a serious injury, in other words, Chelsea attackers needs to be stopped and Virgil will help. Only if he says: “I cant.” , Klopp will bench him. Good luck!


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