Various Punching Bags used by Professionals

February 8, 2019

Various Punching Bags used by Professionals

Are you thinking of working out for a special event coming up in 2019 or want self-defense training? Whatever the reason may be it requires hours of rigorous exercise and a proper diet to enhance the performance. If your workout is for a combating sports competition then it will be best that you practice with Customized Boxing Gloves and punching bags to improve your training.

What is a Punching Bag?

A typical punching bag is a cylindrical one used to practice for combat training. There are various punching bags that are available in different sizes, shapes and weight. The earliest punching bag ever recorded was used by Chinese monks.

The efficiency of a punching bag depends on the material that is been used in the manufacturing. Polyurethane, canvas and leather are best to use as covering. Sand, rags, grains and other materials are used as fillings and sometimes an internal bladder filled with either air or water to sustain the nonstop beating of the bag.

Punching Bags in Combat Sports:

What type of combat sports are you training for? There are several types but you must keep in mind that not all punching bags are used to train the professionals. The severe training needs time, effort and determination, only then you can practice becoming a true professional. The combat sports that need a punching bag for training are;

Mixed Martial Arts:

This combating sport is becoming more and more popular these days because it is a mixture of martial arts and other techniques. As the training of MMA involves both martial arts and other sports, it uses various punching bags to help the professionals practice.


This is a fight between two people, wearing protective gloves. The two fighters exchange punches with each other in a set time period and rounds. The place where these fights take place is called a boxing ring.


Karate is a Japanese form of martial arts which had connections with the Chinese art of Kung Fu. Now it uses different styles of striking art including; kicking, knee-strikes, punching, open-handed techniques and other modern versions called Karateka.


This combat sport was developed by Korean professionals who were trained in martial arts during the 1940s and 50s.Jumping, fast kicking, head height kicks and spinning kicks are the speciality of Taekwondo professionals.

Muay Tai:

Muay Tai is a combat sport originated in Thailand. Various clinging techniques are used in addition to the stand-up striking stance. The body parts used in fighting is knees, elbows, shins and fists. The different techniques are cross, jab, overhand, hook, uppercut, spinning back fists and a superman punch.

Kick Boxing:

It is practised for many reasons such as self-defence, fitness or contact sport. It is thought to be a type of hybrid of martial arts as it involves both punching and kicking together but mostly the fighters use the kicking technique.

For all these combating sports you definitely need gloves that suit the best purpose. Infinitude Fight provides the best boxing gloves and you can also customize them as per your need.

Different Kinds of Punching Bags:

Each of the above-mentioned sport uses some kind of punching bag to train their professionals and if you want the same results then it is vital that you choose the right type. Choose a bag that doesn’t harm you in any way.

Speed Bag:

These are small bags filled with air attached to the ground. This is for those who are actually training for hand and eye coordination. The larger the bag, it will require more force to hit it which improves the speed and timing of the hits. Fists, as well as elbows, can be used for training.

Swerve Bag:

It is similar to the speed bag but the size is larger. It is anchored to the floor and clipped from the roof. It swings towards the trainee to increase the alignment of dodge, punch and swerve.

Maize Bag:

The boxing trainees use this bag to help them predict the movements of the opponent. In the older days this bag was literary filled with maize, thus the name. This bag can improve the defensive techniques and increase the stamina.

Heavy Bag:

This is a cylindrical bag which generally called a punching bag. The forceful punching is practised on this one. A chain or rope helps it hanging from the ceiling. There are many variations of the heavy bag which is used in many other combat sports.

Free-standing Bag:

A free-standing bag is fixed and doesn’t move sideways or back and forth. It is effective way to increase the intensity of the force of the punch or kick. It can also have horizontal rods to practice uppercut punches.


Muay Tai Bag:

This is a heavier bag in comparison to other ones, which is used in MMA, kickboxing and Muay Tai. This is basically for those who want to perfect their kicks. But it also increases the power of the punch.

If you are willing to train for a combat sport this year then practice well with your Customized Boxing Gloves along with the right type of punching bags that are available in the market.