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Steven Gerrard in Make Us Dream

November 21, 2018

Liverpool legend, Steven Gerrard arrived with his family to Amazon’s film premiere “Make Us Dream”. He brought his wife, of course, and his three daughters:¬†Lilly, 14, Lexie, 12, and Lourdes, only seven years old. They are


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Gerard Family







About movie

So far, this move is a hugely accepted world-wide with fantastic IMDB score of 9.2 stars! Steven appeared with his family on a red carpet, and I can tell, they look amazing. A legend such as Steven Gerrard, with his family, is always nice to see whether you are or not a Liverpool or Klopp’s fan.

In addition to that, some new stars are playing for Liverpool FC, such as Sadio Mane. Nevertheless, Steven built his name and reputation for a long time, so Mane would have to do the same. Many people feel that Gerrard is one of the greatest Liverpool FC’s players, and he really is. This movie talks also about some more stars such as Gael Clichy, Jamie Carragher and Michael OwenThus said, the movie is accepted worldwide, and it is about Steven Gerrard and his life in Liverpool FC team.

You can watch the Make Us Dream movie trailer here: