Sports news about a simple man with a big heart indeed!

September 22, 2018

Sports news are rarely sad, like this one. One of the best Serbian players, Nemanja Matic showed us what means to be a man with a big heart. His recent actions were really heartbreaking, and we must agree that this man is amazing. Nemanja helped out a little boy from Serbia – Dusan Todorovic –  and his family. Many portals wrote about this, and we, from Dailysportspro online sports news site, wanted to share it again with you all, because this story is amazing.

Little Dusan needed more donations for his treatment. That is where Nemanja stepped in. Many people joined this cause, donating and providing moral support. All Serbia raised and helped.  Dusan needed 70 000 euros more to start his treatment in Barcelona Hospital. Dusan’s parents were desperate.

We can say that in that moment of desperation, they needed a miracle. I believe they prayed for it. And they’ve got it!

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Drama, fear and tears

Nemanja called the Todorovic directly and paid the remaining amount of 70 000 euros for Dusan. It was Saturday so the problem was the hospital, which could not receive the payment – it was a weekend. But little Dusan needed this therapy immediately or else he would die! Payment to the hospital was crucial, furthermore, that was the main reason why Dusan didn’t started the therapy.

Imagine the feeling of his parents. Joy, happiness and hope disrupted with sadness and fear. Tears could not describe how his parents felt. Now little Dusan have the money, but he cant wait for two more days, his condition is critical and he wont make it until Monday. The hospital in Barcelona cant accept Dusan, because they don’t have a verification of payment additionally complicating things to enormous level.


Angels dont exist?

Thats the moment when Nemanja realized that Dusan needed his help again. He could just turn around – he already donated money. But no, Nemanja showed what means to be a man with a huge heart again. And we just don’t want to write only about regular sports news. This man deserves his story to be repeated.

He called the Serbian government and used his name and reputation to intervene! In this case, they accepted to help Dusan thus providing a flight to Barcelona, furthermore Barcelona Hospital accepted Dusan even if money was not on their account yet. Dusan was hospitalized in Barcelona for further tests and 2 cycles of chemotherapy.

Dusan’s family thanks to all people for help! Without reserve. But Nemanja and his actions tell us that money cant corrupt mans soul. This man is a gentleman, a great player, and a guardian angel – Nemanja we are proud of you!!!

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Source: Reuters