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Serbia wins, Mitrovic scored double

October 12, 2018

UEFA Nations League group stage is underway. Serbia won their last match against their neighbours, Montenegro. It was a scrappy duel between two former Yugoslav republics. We cant say that we’ve enjoyed fully, but goals are goals, and thats what counts at the end. Serbia plays good soccer, but not always.

This match between Serbia and Montengro, as independent nations, was followed by strict security measures. Despite that, the match dominated with friendly atmosphere. Both Serbian and Montenegrin fans applauding to their respective opponents.

Aleksandar Mitrovic celebrates his goal

Source: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic


Serbian players being watched, but remain focused enough

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United manager, watched the game from the VIP box. Allegedly, he was watching his next target, centre back Nikola Milenkovic, who is only 20 years old. Fiorentina player might be in Mourinho’s plans for the future. Who would knew.

Serbia dominated the match. Despite that, they missed some good chances to score more goals. Moreover, Tadic wasn’t brilliant, he ruined two fantastic chances with poor finishing. In addition to that, Zivkovic and Mitrovic were simply brilliant – totally opposite than Tadic. Well, even the best players, such as Pogba for example, can under perform sometimes.

Serbia took the lead early in the match. Mitrovic sent Montenegrin goalkeeper in wrong side, scoring in 18th minute from penalty kick. Afterwards, Tadic squandered a few good chances. Despite all those misses, Mitrovic pens the win in 81st minute, beating Montengrin goalie again.

Serbia national team

Source: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic

Some of Serbian players were not on the field in this match. For example, Nemanja Matic, who was the main figure in news stories recently. We noticed that some other players could not attend this match.


Just before Mitrovic scored the second goal for Serbia, Ljubisa Tumbakovic was sent off. Italian referee Gianluca Rocchi was not in the mood to endure his gestures of disagreement. Of course, Montentegrin players protested, but in vain. Tumbakovic had to leave the field.Serbia currently leads in UEFA Nations group with 7 points and their next away opponent is Romania.