Pogba to leave Manchester United for £200m

September 26, 2018

Pogba will be United’s player no more? Whoa! Bam ! £200m for Pogba is latest news we’ve received and we think its amazing. United is likely to sell Pogba soon, and the situation between him and Mourinho is uptight even more. Pogba’s “chash” with head coach Jose Mourinho is most likely the reason for this. Obviously, their relationship was a bit “frosty” before, but this was the final line. They just cant work together.

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What caused their tense relation?

According to reports, their recent cold relations lead to United’s decision to sell Pogba. Mourinho’s and Pogba’s “cold” relationship is unrepairable and, by recent news, it will be the main reason for him to leave.  While many reporters tried to find out what future holds for Pogba, his performances were not so good as expected. Many of us are still asking, what would be the cause for the tense relationship?

If we look at the other part of the world, we can see that many players, such as Lovren and Modric,  have a bigger problem. Since Paul is a star player, many fans are watching him and expect brilliance. Well, they expect at least form he had in Juventus or French national team. That didnt happened, furthermore, his performances were unstable and shaky.  This also caused his and Jose to get “distant” in professional and  personal relations.

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Even though opinions are mixed, Pogba is a great player. Mourinho did bought him for a reason. But something else is a problem. Jose was also linked with similar situation regarding another talented player, Balotelli. Is Mourinho too strict? Of course he is. Thats Mourinho. Obviously, the problem lies within the players who cant respect authority. Thats who Jose is, a clear picture of authority.

In this case, Pogba will have to leave and, according to rumors, Barcelona could be interested in this transaction. The fee is not the problem, and if Barcelona buys Pogba, that will be the highest price ever for United player. He also feels that it is his time to leave, but lets see what happens.