Paul Pogba made his decision about leaving Manchester United

October 4, 2018

Paul Pogba, French football player, who is currently unsettled at Manchester United, might leave in January. He currently plays in starting eleven, despite rumors about his fight with Jose. According to reports from trusted football news sites, he admitted he could continue his career somewhere else. Pogba has been all over the news lately. He surely got the publicity, but its kind of too much publicity.

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho on training grounds

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Weak relationship with Jose

It looks like Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho cant settle their differences. It’s been reported that his “weak” relationship is the main reason for him to leave. However, Jose tried to work with him the best way he can. In August, Mourinho denied the rumours that this duo had any disagreements, saying:

“I want him to work the way he’s doing, for me that’s the only thing that matters. He never had a fight with me, we never had a hard change of words, everything is respected. I have no problems at all.”

Pogba’s viewpoint

Frenchman cant be unhappy with his current contract, but there is more to it. If he can’t work with Jose, there is no future for him in Man Utd. However, his viewpoint is very clear. Paul Pogba believes he has a future in Man Utd, but many other fans and supporters are really unsure about that. In his recent interview, he said:

“I still have a contract, I’m playing there at the moment, but who knows what will happen in the near future”

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho

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His decision?

Paul Pogba was linked with Barcelona recently, seen on many online sport sites. Currently, bookmakers think that Pogba’s absence from Man Utd wont make any difference, as a matter of fact, they are still strong title contenders. Whatever future holds for Paul, it wont affect too much the squad’s playing ability. Or thats what punters think.

Based on recent unimpressive form, it is most likely that Paul will leave in next transfer period. It may be only a temporary decision, but disagreements with Jose could “cement” his final decision to leave in January.