Nemanja Matic still without comment as Dusan was laid to rest

September 30, 2018

I am writing this with sadness in my heart. I cant believe what we allowed this to happen, again! People in Serbia really need to think about laws and health insurance, as well as about government. I can only feel sadness, anger and feel sorry for Dusan’s parents. This is what was happening just a few days ago, reported on our website. Nemanja tried to help, but..


A boy with hope

Who will remember little Dusan? He was only 4 years old. Why he WAS only 4 years old? He supposed to live much, much longer. Who are we, deciding who lives and who dies, is money have to be involved in our every decision?? Poor little “Duki” , what was his nickname. His little heard didn’t endured the battle and struggle. Just a few days ago he went to Barcelona for a treatment, with hope that everything will be fine. Unfortunately, despite all help he received from sport athletes, it was too late,  Dusan suffered from neuroblastoma.


Nemanja Matic hoped that Duki will be better

Nemanja heard, but too late, about Dusan’s condition. He immediately called his family and sent the necessary funds for Dusan’s treatment in Barcelona. And it was too late indeed. Little Duki received the treatment but his heard could not fight anymore, he have suffered enough. We still didn’t receive Nemanja’s reaction to this. Why? Well, how can anyone react on such news? Im sure that Nemanja done this from the goodness of his heart, he didn’t care about the money! Thanks Nemanja for trying! But unfortunately, this morning, whole Serbia was sad and full of tears.


Why did this have to happen? Who is responsible? We are a sport news site, and we just want to thank Nemanja and all other athletes who have helped fighting the cancer. And this how it ends, this became a tragic story, and we truly hoped that we will see Duki running again!