Mesut Ozil slammed by Uli Hoeness

May 16, 2019

Bayern Munich president has criticized Ozil after his decision to leave Germany national team. Uli said that Ozil is not playing well for a last few years, and whenever Bayern played against Arsenal, they’ve played over him because Ozil is a weak player. Bayern was linked with some rumours about buying Arsenal’s midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

It is very hard to back up Uli Hoeness and his claims that Ozil is not playing well lately, as his passing skills are pure magic. He helped his teammates in Arsenal to achieve their wins, even when the odds were sometimes against them. They finished 6th in Premier League but they were predicted as winners on some betting sites. This new season can be the winning chance for Mesut and his teammates, seen from betting odds found online – they are contenders able to claim Premier League trophy.

Ozil, who was born in Germany, was also criticized after being photographed with Turkish president Recep Erdogan , even if everyone knows that Mesut have a Turkish parents – but still, German public didn’t liked that posing and photographing with Recep.

Here are some beautiful passes by Mesut Ozil, who is currently  Arseanal’s passing and scoring magician and despite all criticism, he is a fantastic player.