Bobby Duncan

Liverpool’s Bobby Duncan called up for a first team training

October 18, 2018

We have some new stars rising. Bobby Duncan, 17 years old striker, was called to join Liverpool first team training. He is, in addition to that, Steven Gerard’s cousin and a member of Liverpool’s Academy. Therefore, Liverpool striker has taken next step in his football development. Jurgen Klopp will surely count on him in the future. Hopefully, not so brilliant England national team will have him in their ranks one day.

Bobby Duncan

Source: Mirror

Promising striker

Bobby Duncan is clearly a promising forward. On Wednesday, he attended Liverpool first team training. Surely, Jurgen Klopp wants to see his potential ability and make him a star player. Currently, he is considered as hot prospect and he attracted Jurgen Klopp’s attention.

This young striker joined Liverpool from Mancherster City, and will probably be more involved in 1st team trainings. Alex Inglethorpe, Liverpool Academy director, is the man who recommended him at the first place. In addition to that, he may become as great as Mo Salah and rise to the stars.

Short bio

Duncan currently lives in Prescot – he grew up in Huyton, thouhg -but now lives in Prescot. Naturally, he was always a Liverpool fan. Of course, we didn’t even think that he is a fan of Manchester City’s De Bruyne, but he is 17 years old ( birthday Jun 25, 2001 ), and England youth international, so he have a bright future in front of him.

Bobby said for Echo recently: “My dad used to give me a DVD to go and watch in the car and it had all of Steven’s goals on it. ”

“I used to watch that over and over again thinking ‘one day that could be me’. I’ve always looked up to Steven. I’m related to him and like me he’s a local kid from Huyton. ”

“Steven’s been a big influence. What he achieved in his career inspires me. He always had that hunger and desire to win trophies. As well as talent, it was his attitude, character and leadership that made him the player he was.”