Liverpool to take on Red Star in Belgrade

November 6, 2018

Liverpool are back in Champions League move this evening as they take on Red Star in Belgrade. Jurgen Klopp’s side won the first duel against in Group C ( 4-0 at Anfield ) on matchday three, however, will try to secure another win tonight. Moreover, Xherdan Shaqiri has been excluded from Liverpool’s squad for political reasons. Allegedly,  Kosovo-born forward will likely be antagonistic welcomed in the Serbian capital.

Xherdan Shaquiri


Tactical changes

Roberto Firmino drops to the substitutes after a bad run, with only one goal in his last ten matches, while Joe Gomez and Fabinho are also “forgotten”. Naby Keita will watch the start of the match from the bench.


Klopp about Shaquiri

“My job, and your job as well – with questions which provoke an answer – we have to cool the situation down. We cannot clarify that situation tonight and it’s not our job.

“We are in Serbia and we respect that 100 per cent. It’s not sad, that’s the world, how it is – politics has always influence on life.
We are not here for that, we are here for playing football and that’s why we try to make sure we are focused on football. “
“I expected it differently but mostly the English-speaking journalists [are] asking about it. It could have been a story and we didn’t want a story besides a football story and that’s why we decided what we decided.”

Predicted lineups:

Red Star v Liverpool line-ups

First team lineups


Milojevic’s thoughts

On tonight’s match: “We’re facing a strong team, but we have prepared well and are ready to give our best. You have to be focused throughout when you play such quality sides. If you relax just for a minute you’ll get punished.”