Kevin De Bruyne recovered from injury and ready for a challenge

October 5, 2018

Kevin De Bruyne have finally recovered from his knee injury and returned to full training. According to reports, he will probably be in the first eleven in next City match on Anfield. Pep Guardiola can be happy and is surely eager to see Kevin in action again. While other teams have different issues, Man City superstar Kevin de Bruyne is eager to recover and play soon again. When asked about De Bruyne’s condition and general team readiness, Guardiola said:

“He made part of the training session today, he is training with us. Everybody is okay. Fabian Delph is not available, but the others are okay. Ilkay Gundogan has a little bit of a problem, he could not train today, but we will see tomorrow.”

Source: Reuters

Pep’s opinion

Pep Guardiola shared his opinion about Kevin, saying that he might be the best midfielder in the world. Surely, his presence will help the squad in next clash agains Liverpool. However, even if returned to full training, Kevin De Bruyne might miss the match at Anfield, according to last reports. When asked, Pep could not confirm if Kevin will be in starting eleven.


Ugly scenes

Last time when City went to Anfield, ugly things happened. Liverpool fans and supporters threw bottles and missiles on City bus, of course, those were ugly scenes. Kevin De Bruyne didnt give us any comments regarding this, surely he expects it wont happen again ( thats what we think ). On the other hand, Pep Guardiola had something to say when asked about this:

“Liverpol should be upset, not me, the Police knew it before it happened, now we know it, I don’t know whats going to happen.”

Source: Manchester City FC

When asked about their previous league and Champions League matches, Guardiola praised Klopp and his team.  In recent interview Pep said:


“They deserve all the praise they get. We got a lot of praise last season .We should be so proud to be compared with them. ”

“It was always United, Liverpool, then Chelsea, then Arsenal, and now we are there. We try to get closer. ”

“He [Klopp] has all the qualities that everybody knows about Liverpool. At the end, it’s the teams and the clubs that win the game. I don’t play against the manager, we play against Liverpool. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose, sometimes we win competitions, sometimes we lose competitions.”

“He is an excellent manager, I have a lot of respect for the way he plays, his proactive teams. In the Premier League we beat them, in the Champions League we didn’t.”