The end of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United is near?

The end of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United is near?

October 6, 2018

It is not yet official, but it seems that Manchester United will look for a new head coach soon. According to most fresh rumors, Jose Mourinho will be sacked soon. He was in the center of the public opinion and newspapers for a long time. This sounds like an axe falling, but it hasn’t fallen yet, but it is hovering over and will drop soon.


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Ineffective Manchester United

It’s been a dreadful start for Manchester United this season. They were unable to win a home match in every competition so far, since the first day of this season. Fans and supporters are not keen of watching how Jose Mourinho keeps getting bad results home, even if many of them are still supporting him.Despite all it’s been happening recently with Paul Pogba, supporters are still on Jose’s side with shared belief that United will be back on the right track soon. Yet, they were unable to win in last four matches.

Inevitable outcome

Jose Mourinho has lost the support of the Manchester United board and will likely be sacked. It seems that the situation is not repairable, and Jose will pack his stuff soon. According to reports, Manchester United board has lost their confidence in Jose Mourinho’s ability to lead their team.  Whatever the result of their next match against Newcastle will be, it wont change the fact that Mourihno is leaving the club.

Former defender of Manchester United, Gary Neville, said in his latest interview that the board are “rotten to the core”, adding:

“No. To be honest with you Kelly I’m furious. I’m furious going back three, four years ago when David Moyes was sacked, when it broke a day before to journalists. I think of Louis van Gaal being sacked the day before a cup final and finding out from other people. I think about how the club is being operated. If this is true, we don’t know if it’s true, but if this is true, and Jose Mourinho is going to walk out at Old Trafford tomorrow almost like a dead man walking, those fans will absolutely turn towards that boardroom. ”


It seems that his decision made him furious. Manchester United is a great team, whoever takes charge of the squad. But sacking Mourinho after a few fails just doesn’t seems right. Behind all his failures with Manchester United games, lie a fantastic tactician and head coach, Jose Mourinho.

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