Jose Mourinho under high pressure

October 1, 2018

Manchester United was defeated again, this time, West Ham celebrated with a 3-1 score. What is happening with United? No one can say for sure. This was their 3rd defeat and are currently 9 points behind leading teams. How will Mourinho put back the team on the right track? Matic and other teammates revealed that Jose is under high pressure, but things will get better. Or not, we’ll see. Recent rumors about Pogba leaving the club are tightening the situation even more.



What players think?

Nemanja Matic , currently valued £36.00m, said a few words about pressure in United:

“The pressure is always there but we’re not scared to play. It’s a challenge when every team wants to beat Man Utd. We weren’t ready for that in the last few games but we have to be ready as soon as possible.”

Mourinho added that some players “care more than others”. What did he mean by that? He is an expert, after all, he seemed sure about his claims on Monday. Nevertheless, Matic disputed these claims saying that his teammates are giving their best, despite their recent loss to West Ham.


Source: Man Utd via Getty Images


Matic said in his statement: “We spoke between us and we know the situation is not good. But everyone is trying to do more for the team and to make better results. I expect that everyone will give more and be more concentrated than the last game.

He added: “It’s very hard, but this is football. For sure everyone wants to better, everyone knows we didn’t play well the last couple of games and everyone has responsibility to recover.”

Well, United has another test tomorrow. Valencia will come to Old Trafford, and this will be the game with high pressure. Manchester United has to win this time, or things will become even worse for them. What are the odds? Odds are saying that Mourihno team is clearly a favorite, but lets see what happens.