Jimmy Garoppolo out injured with torn ligaments

September 24, 2018

Jimmy Garoppolo, an American football quarterback, will be out until MRI shows how severe his injury is. During his last match, he stepped awkwardly and tore ligaments in his left knee. Scheduled MRI for today should show how much time will Jimmy have to spend for treatments.

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Coach’s thoughts

San Francisco 49ers head coach, Kyle Shanahan, said in his last interview it is a big deal. Losing a starting quarterback at any time is bad now matter how the team is strong and prepared. Coach also stated that he feels sorry for Jimmy and he understands how he disappointed is. But these things happen in sport on occasion. Jimmy will have to wait until he is fully recovered, but his can always count on support from his coach and teammates. We also feel sorry for Jimmy and we hope he will recover as fast as possible.


Battering ram


Jimmy was injured in the fourth quarter when his left knee shook, just after he received a strong hit from cornerback Steven Nelson. We can say that Nelson bumped into Jimmy like a battering ram. They were along the left sideline, and his run was over, gaining 13-yards. According to reports, Garoppolo instantly grabbed for his knee and was taken out from the field to the locker room after spending a few minutes in the medical tent.

Photo: Charlie Riedel / Associated Press

After the match, teammates were nervous, they’ve lost the match but they wanted to check on Jimmy. At some point, he sat shirtless on a bench with a few members of the medical staff. Afterwards, he exited the training room on crutches. He asked members of the team where he could find his family members.

Before Garoppolo’s unexpected injury, the San Francisco team already had another nightmare. They’ve lost previous three games in Kansas City by a total score of 116-19, and now, they were 35-10 behind at halftime. Garoppolo’s injury didn’t help them at all. Maybe if he wasn’t injured, he could help his teammates. Anyway, they’ve lost the game and Jimmy, for how long, no one can say for sure.