F1 – Everybody Loves the Thrill of The Race!

December 28, 2018

Fast cars, F1 cars, aggressive drivers and thousands of spectators lined up to see the team of their choice reach the finish line- racing gives you an adrenaline rush no other sport can. Just listening to the noise these cars make while trying to outperform each other on the tracks feels like music to our ears. After all, who doesn’t like the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of the final victory.

There is a reason why racing is one of the oldest and still the most important sporting event in history. There is something about several competitors trying to outdo each other in speed and endurance that appeals to the human psychology. No other sport in history, be it football or rugby, has had such a massive, almost universal appeal.

F1 formula one Sebastian Vettel

But what do you get?

As a racing fan, you definitely get a ride to the Adventureland. You can feel yourself driving the car your favorite team has chosen. There are twists and turns, bumps and stumbles along the track that can keep you occupied throughout the race. If you have watched a NASCAR rally before, or the F1 – formula one race, you know that getting off your seat for the whole 3 hours of the race is a sin.

But at the end of the day, what do you get? Your team has either lost miserably and you are emotional or they have just won and you feel like a victor too. For a regular sport and football fan, this ‘feeling’ is all that matters. However, for a smart fan, there is much more at stake and if his team wins, there is some moolah making way to his bank account as well.

There is something more thrilling waiting for you, the F1 – the Formula One.

Why just follow your favorite driver moving along the race track? Feel the sensation of the race and start betting. Sports betting has become a rage all over the world and people can’t stop themselves from betting on their favorites. You can bet on the world cups of different events, horse races and much more.

F1 Fernando Alonso formula one

Betting websites these days offer you a number of options for F1 to bet upon. Be it sporting events or traditional slot machines or card games, there is nothing you can think of that doesn’t exist in this realm. All you will have to do is log in to one of the websites and start betting right away. Think that one team will reach the world cup finals, just bet on it and wait. If the team does reach the finals, you win.

As a regular sports fan and a cheerleader lover, you eventually start to know who will win what. Why don’t you use this expertise to earn a handsome reward? Between the sports betting and the crazy card games, there is always a slot machine or lotto offering you a huge jackpot for the smallest of efforts.

Images credit goes to official Formula One site. formula1.com