Dejan Lovren accused for false testimony

September 21, 2018
Dejan Lovren, the Liverpool center-back, had a really rough time lately. Croatian court accused him for giving a false statement during the Mamic trial. Lovren provided a testimony regarding a deal with his former boss Zdravko Mamic, who was sentenced to six-and-a-half jail time. Luka Modric faced the same accusation.  Following these accusations, Lovren said:” After coming from afternoon training, I learned that the media in Croatia, and then in England reported the news that an indictment was filed against me for giving a false statement in one case in Croatia.”

Lovren also said: ” ‘My family, friends and acquaintances told me the same thing. So before I saw or received the indictment at all, and before my attorneys received it, all the media reported the news. ” “‘But I want to say this to all, especially to my family, friends, supporters in my homeland, my club and my club’s fans in England, (that I am) innocent. I did not commit any criminal offence. I am proud of my life, every step of my life, everything that my family and I have created.”   Mamic, who is powerful public figure in Croatia, profited a lot from selling Lovren and other players. He earned 15 million euros in total. Lovren moved to Lyon in 2010 and Mamic earned 50% of the transfer fee. Lyon payed initial fee of 7.5 million British Pounds for Lovren, granting him and his former club some bonuses based on his performances. All of these people were allegedly involved in suspicious activities during those transfers. For Modric and Lovren, battle with court is not over yet, while Mamic was already sentenced. Court has decided that possible sentences could be six month to a 5 year for giving a false testimony.