Cristiano Ronaldo sent off

September 20, 2018

Tears moved down Cristiano Ronaldo’s cheeks after his dismissal in very important game against Valencia this week.

In his time at Real Madrid, he “escaped” from red cards too many times. “Foolish,” “wrong” and “shameful” shouted the Italian sport newspapers in their posts regarding Ronaldo’s sending off.

Cristiano in tears

Source: DailyStar

Felix Brych strikes again

Juventus had to play without this experienced striker. After showing him a way to the locker room, following his duel with defender Murillo. Brych and the 5th referee became instant targets of fans and Juventus supporters. How is possible that Brych showed him a direct red card?

Brych is a referee with plenty experience, but similar terrible decisions have been seen in World Cup 2018 in Russia. He damaged Serbian striker Aleksandar Mitrovic by disallowing the obvious penalty. Later, he didnt pay attention to many fouls conceded by opponent players.

He didn’t even watched the replay or reacted to VAR referee’s warning about possible penalty. Serbian national team was ultimately sent back home as they didn’t passed through the group stage. That was the last Brych’s match as a referee in the World Cup 2018, after Serbia handed official complain to FIFA.

So, the history repeats itself again, Brych didnt want to consult the VAR referees, just like he supposed to do in previously mentioned case.

Allegri , in his interview said: “I can only say that VAR would have helped the referee make the right decision” . Many online sport sites spoke about his incident and yet it is not clear why Ronaldo done this.

Ronaldo cant believe he was sent off


VAR replay showed what happened

Afterwards, fans, supporters and every curious person wanted to know what really happened.

Allegri said that VAR replay would help a referee to make a right decision, but his decision was correct.

Slow motion replay of his duel with Jeison Murillo showed that Ronaldo pulled his hair.Of course, Murillo wouldnt suffer any serious injury. But for such unsportsmanlike misconduct? Clearly, he deserved it, or that is what Brych thinks.

“You can’t do that,” said former Manchester United player Owen Hargreaves. Even if he is a great player, he could really grow up now and stop earning ridiculous cards in the matches.

Source: Reddit