Eden Hazard Chelsea

Chelsea boss Bruce Buck wants to keep Hazard

October 17, 2018

According to reports, Chelsea boss Bruce Buck insists that Chelsea will do their best to keep Hazard. It won’t be easy, though. Eden Hazard was not so focused on latest news related to his homeland, Belgium. His heart is almost already in Spain. Latest reports are confirming that, saying that Hazard wants to move to Spain.

Eden Hazard set to stay

Source: Metro / Getty

True or false?

Currently, we can’t say for sure what future holds for Eden Hazard. His dream was to play for Real Madrid, and now he is so close to fulfill it. In addition to that, many online sites have reported that Chelsea boss wants to keep him.

Chelsea boss said: “Every Chelsea fan in London and around the world loves Eden Hazard, and he’s not only a great footballer but I think he’s a wonderful lad. We want him to stay and we will do what we have to do to entice him to stay.”

Therefore, it stays unclear what lies ahead. Potential big transfer to Real Madrid or a new contract. When looking and comparing other players from English Premier League, it’s clear why they want him to stay. England national team is not performing very well in UEFA Nations League. In order to keep the quality of  English Premier League, they have to keep the star players such as Eden Hazard.

Calderon unsure

In his recent intreview, Real Madrid boss Ramon Calderon said: ” There is no point having a player with you if he doesn’t want (to be there). Slavery was abolished a long time ago. Now the point is what Chelsea has decided to do, that will be I suppose a matter of money. If the player insists on doing what he’s publicly saying, it will be difficult for Chelsea to keep him and for Real Madrid it would be fantastic news I have to say. ”

Well, let’s see what Eden will decide. It’s, ultimately, his career.